Veterinary Assistant

Mika is originally from Mississippi but loves the North Carolina coast she now calls home.  Mika once decided to become a mime, convinced that she could tell compelling stories without words. Unfortunately, she could never resist the urge to shout "SURPRISE!" at random intervals.  Mika has an uncanny ability to attract a wide array of pets. Her menagerie includes two dogs and two guinea pigs that believe they are dogs. She even attempted to organize a pet parade, but it ended in chaos when the animals refused to march in step. In a wild twist of fate, Mika embarked on an epic journey to the mystical land of llamas. She became the unofficial llama ambassador, learning to speak llama fluently and even organizing llama-themed parades in her neighborhood. Mika's life is filled with mishaps and misadventures, but she always embraces the chaos with a smile.