Veterinary Assistant

Evelyn was born and raised in the picturesque town of Monterey, nestled in the heart of Tennessee. Driven by a passion for marine life, Evelyn pursued her education at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology. Despite her academic focus on marine biology, Evelyn's compassionate nature led her to veterinary medicine. Evelyn approaches her work with dedication and empathy, joyfully helping those who cannot help themselves. At home, Evelyn shares her life with her faithful companion, Daisy, a loyal dog who has been by her side through thick and thin.  In her free time, Evelyn indulges in creative pursuits, finding solace in crocheting. She also has a knack for thrifting, delighting in the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures amidst piles of forgotten goods.